Viral Absolut World Ads

 - May 24, 2008
References: adsoftheworld
Absolut Vodka has been milking the success of their Absolut World campaign to the max, and I don’t blame them, as it is not easy to create something this viral. We have seen numerous print ads, billboards and guerrilla campaigns in the prolific campaign; from the controversial map relocation of California to be part of Mexico, to men becoming pregnant and ATM machines giving away free money.

Here we bring you a new collection of their "In an Absolut World" print ads. My personal favorite is the politician with the Pinocchio nose that grows when he lies. If our world was like that, all our politicians would have very very long noses… Another I like is the taxi with roller-coaster safety mechanism, suggesting that taxi rides in crowded cities can be fun and enjoyable rather than slow and nerve racking.

The party ad shows people with their party name tags honestly reflecting their true personality. Wouldn’t it save you time and effort to see a name tag with "boring", "cheater" or "twisted" on a stranger before you persue them? And how about replacing all the intrusive ads we see in Times Square and similar outdoor campaigns with beautiful works of art? That would be one beautiful and artistic world!

Check out 5 more absolut world campaigns inside the trend below: