13 Heart-Racing Roller Coasters And Ride-Inspired Innovations

 - Dec 23, 2008   Updated: Mar 30 2011
Amusement parks draw millions of attendees each year who want to get thrills and chills from riding roller coasters. These roller coaster-inspired innovations are sure to inspire some summertime nostalgia.

From roller coasters for bicycles to futuristic car seats that are shaped like coaster harnesses, the innovations in this slideshow span from the creative to the utterly bizarre.

Implications - We leave in a culture increasingly on the lookout for the next big thrill, whether that comes in the form of movies, travel destinations, automobiles or theme park rides. Any product that takes that sense of adventure to the next level is bound to excite and entice customers of all shapes and sizes, and it is definitely a trend that will continue to endure for years to come.