The Paris Hilton 'Vacant' Ad in New Zealand Makes the Heiress Angry

 - Nov 9, 2009   Updated: Jun 21 2011
References: newzealand & popcrunch
A Paris Hilton 'Vacant' billboard advertisement that has been popping up all over New Zealand is brilliant marketing, although, it has the hotel heiress fuming.

The Paris Hilton 'Vacant' billboard advertisement has an enormous picture of Paris Hilton with the word “vacant” splashed across it, advertising that that particular billboard is available for rent.

I can understand why the Parish Hilton 'Vacant' advertisement would have the heiress angry.

Implications - One of the best ways a corporation or brand can draw immediate attention and interest from consumers is by creating an advertisement that directly parodies a popular celebrity while they are embroiled in a controversy. This shows the brand has a sense of a humor, and that the company is on the forefront of contemporary water-cooler conversation.