From Movie Death Parody Blogs to French Fashionista Photo Shoots

 - Aug 8, 2012
These Marion Cotillard features highlight the French actress in all her beauty.

Recently starring in The Dark Knight Rises, among many other films, this stunning leading lady is taking Hollywood by storm with her understated demeanor. From her brunette locks to her raspy voice, everything about Cotillard screams bombshell, making her a much-coveted name in the film world. Featured in a variety of films, from charming Midnight in Paris to intense movies like Inception, her range is undeniable, and makes her stand out among a sea of actresses.

Beautiful, genuine and with a rising star, this French seductress is a nice change of pace from leading ladies of year's passed. Sure to continue on her rise to fame, Cotillard is a name many will happily look out for.