'People Dying Like Marion Cotillard' Mocks Poorly Acted Demise

If you’ve yet to watch The Dark Knight Rises, you may want to avoid the ‘People Dying Like Marion Cotillard’ Tumblr for spoiler-related reasons. For everyone else, you’re in for a mountain of laughs as you browse through endless .gif files of people parodying the absurd death of Marion Cotillard’s character in the latest Batman movie.

Late in the Christopher Nolan film, it is revealed that Cotillard is in actuality a villain, and after plunging a truck from a bridge onto a road below, she delivers one last speech before inexplicably dying from no apparent injuries or trauma. The Internet was quick to criticize the ludicrousness of the scene, and thus ‘People Dying Like Marion Cotillard’ was born, bringing laughter to Web in the form of a new meme that invites participation.