‘Nipple Non Grata' Challenges Social Hypocrisy

 - Jun 8, 2009
References: loreffrey
‘Nipple Non Grata’ is a photography series by Loreffrey that examines the peculiar practice of censoring female nipples in the mainstream American media.

Personally, I find that practice both hypocritical and lame, the same way I feel about people masking their curse words. Does masking the word F^ck change its meaning or make it less offensive? You should either write the ‘bad’ words as they are, or choose to not use them at all if you worry about decency.

But I digress, back to the nipples. Photography duo Loreffrey wanted to examine this ‘pretend’ decency practice, and challenge the viewers of the photos to contemplate the following questions: "Does nipple removal let us flirt with feminine sexuality without crossing the boundaries of 'good taste'? What does this say about American culture? Does it reflect a certain type of hypocrisy? Does this approach further objectify women as plastic objects or playthings?"