- Jan 31, 2010   Updated: Apr 28 2011
Doppelganger is one of my favorite words. And now, thanks to a bit of mid-morning insanity and the need to make everything a verb, doppelganging is now one of my favorite fake words. Today is a good day.

Anyway, from the Olsen twins to human-animal clones, check out the 75 doppelganger discoveries. Heck, you can even look twice: I won't tell.

Implications - You'll be seeing double when you flip through some of these. While some of the individuals or animals may not be identical, the resemblances are uncanny and should give you a hard time figuring out who's who. Think you can distinguish from one or the other? It may prove to be more challenging than it already is.

From the Olsen Twins to Human-Animal Clones: