My Heritage Facial Recognition Software Links You to Stars

 - May 18, 2006
References: myheritage & gizmodo
What celebrity do you look like? My Heritage has created facial recognition software to help you build your family trees... and see what celebrity you look like. After you upload your photo, My Heritage will compare your photo to its database of 3,200 celebrities, and in no time at all, you'll find out who you could stunt double...

From My Heritage:
As part of its pioneering development on face recognition in genealogy and consumer photos, has created extensive face recognition technology for celebrities. It's free and fun to use. has created a ranked list of the world's top 3,200 celebrities in the past 2 centuries. This was created using the wonderful Wikipedia project; the ranking that determines which celebrities are "more important" than others was calculated using an algorithm proprietary to

The celebrity collection includes not just the typical movie stars but all famous men and women who helped shape the 19th, 20th and beginning of 21st century in the areas of art, music, science, literature, sports, space, politics and more.