The MyTwinn Doll

 - Oct 16, 2008
References: mytwinn & technology.timesonline
Ever wondered what your daughter, or your daughter's daughter may look like?  Wonder no more.  MyTwinn personalized dolls can reproduce a clone with freckles, birthmarks and all for $149.  Now that's cheaper than raising the real thing!  With a choice of five skin tones, nine different eye colors and hair color swatches to match your own, the hand-painted features are designed to be an exact replica of the photos you submit with your order.

Also available are outfits so you can even dress your daughter and her doll alike.  The 23-inch doll is fully posable and gives hugs, waves and even does the splits--even if your child can't manage it.

Delivery takes about four weeks, but with the holidays coming faster than celebrity divorces, you might want to beat the rush.