- Jul 6, 2013
With the amount of toys you can accumulate as child, differentiating one from another can be a difficult task, but these creatively personalized toys have been outfitted with custom designs that owners surely won't be able to forget.

Buying action figures and dolls from the toy store is certainly one way to add to a collection, but if you're looking to acquire something more unique and customized to your taste, then these personalized toys will certainly do the trick. Allowing individuals to replicate such things as their faces, hand prints and bodies onto these toys, these personalized playthings will definitely stand out with its strange yet appealing looks.

From Sci-Fi action figures that can be customized to feature your own face to picture books that can incorporate you into the story, these personalized toys will certainly stand out with its strikingly surreal references.

From Personalized Superhero Figurines to Customized Designer Toys: