Sandy Ford Design Puts Your Face on a Toy Doll

 - Jan 3, 2012
Esty shop Sandy Ford Design gives you the ability to put your face on a classic toy with these magnetic paper dolls designed by the shop’s artist. Gone are the days when the only toys modeled after real people are those ones created in celebrity likeness. With these paper dolls created by graphic designer and avid Adobe Illustrator Sandy Ford, you too can have your own two-dimensional dress-up figurine to play with and create fantasy retail adventures for.

All you have to do is send in a photo of yourself and Sandy will illustrate your face on the body of a paper doll. In this seventies male version of the doll, Sandy uses the body of Michelangelo's David as the inspiration for the form on which to place your head. The doll comes with six outfits from the era, is eight inches tall and retails for only $35.00, a small price to pay for a custom toy and piece of art. Now you can dress your man exactly the way you want, and never have to listen to him complain about it, with this personalized paper doll toy from Sandy Ford Designs.