- Jul 5, 2013
John Mayer's new track titled Paper Doll introduces a new potential fad in gorgeous, yet eccentric gowns. From black chiffon to blue and gold gowns, John Mayer plays dress-up with an unimaginably beautiful figure.

Paper is a material that inspires a lot of designers, even in the fashion industry. While some artists upcycle disposable materials like newspaper and phonebooks, others use sturdier paper like maps and cardboard. All materials make for unique and meaningful pieces, as the very act of recycling is applauded -- especially when creating beautiful pieces of artwork.

Toilet paper company Cashmere is known for its fashion-forward marketing campaigns, making couture-inspired dresses completely out of bathroom tissues. Due to the soft texture of the "fabric" used, the dresses appear more whimsical. On the other hand, origami paper dresses are the epitome of edgy. With their structural clean cuts -- or folds, rather -- origami gowns deliver a more futuristic look.

In Tribute to John Mayer's New Track 'Paper Doll':