Morana Kranjec's Folded Paper Dresses Boast Bold Structures

 - May 30, 2012
References: moranakranjec & blog.beautystreams
The level of complexity found in Morana Kranjec’s folded fashions appear to defy logic. The seams where paper slides into paper are hidden giving no clue to their construction.  In organized chaos, the sheets stack upon each other like crystalline structures. Others are slashed and delicately twisted to expose the gaps and create volume. 

And despite intricacies and separate pieces, the origami art is stable enough to envelop the body. They create clothing that resembles the elaborate necklines of the Elizabethan Era, the armor of Meiji Japan, and the skyscrapers of Modernist architecture.

Furthermore, although the models stand mannequin-still, Kranjec’s work delivers mesmerizing movement. This is achieved by manipulating the placement of the creases and acute sensitivity to the curves of the female form.  Some are like paper waterfalls ready to slide down the model’s skirt and splash to the ground. Others give the illusion of growing before the eye. 

Croation-born Kranjec presented her creations at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout exhibition during London Fashion Week.