- Jul 2, 2015
Through celebrations of art, connected technology and a commitment to making the world a more sustainable place, these creative yoga mats set the foundation for developing a deeper practice.

As yoga continues to be spread across the West, many modern yogis are looking to apps and technology for assistance. As such, high-tech yoga mats like the SmartMat, LUNAR and the Beacon are emerging to strengthen the mind-body connection. On the flip side, since many yogis do their best to disconnect from all technology during a practice, a similar low-tech example is the Atmananda Yoga Mat, which gently guides with the lines and graphics printed on its surface.

Some of the most visually striking yoga mat designs come from Spiritual Revolution and Yoga Design Lab and will surely remind yogis to take in their surroundings with gratitude.

From Foldable Eco Mats to Magnetized Exercise Mats: