The Nadi Yoga Mats Will Roll Without a Hitch

 - Jun 9, 2012
References: getnadi & kickstarter
Anybody who does yoga may have come across the common phenomenon of an uncooperative practice partner, but the Nadi Yoga Mat is your best friend. It is magnetized, which gives it a slew of wondrous properties.

A problem mat will refuse to lay flat, no matter how much you flip, turn or cover it. This new mat funded on Kickstarter has magnets within and surrounding the lining so that their weight will pull the edges down. However, do not fret -- the magnets are designed to be unobtrusive to your practice. What is even better is that this feature helps you pack up, as the magnets will align the mat's edges to each other, resulting in a smooth and compact roll.

Yoga is performed so that one can have the strongest, top-performing body possible, so it only makes sense for gear to match the form!