JadeYoga Creates a Mat That is Good for You and the Environment

 - Oct 7, 2011
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JadeYoga has a mission: to create the best yoga mats in the market while doing social good. The company started in 2000 after introducing an innovative, anti-slippery mat. Made with natural rubber, these mats guarantee the best support and comfort for every position. They are very comfortable and provide better cushion and grip.

JadeYoga decided to incorporate a social mentality to its whole business model. The fact that the mats are made from renewable, PVC-free materials helps the environment in immense ways. Made from rubber trees from the U.S, the mats are completely certified to be ecological and totally green. Additionally, the company resisted the temptation of manufacturing the mats in China, as Chinese working conditions and environmental rules don't match the JadeYoga's mission and intentions.

In 2006, as a result of the company's green mentality, the directors decided to make the product even greener by planting a tree each time a JadeYoga mat is sold. Through a partnership with Trees for the Future, JageYoga is committed to protecting and generating more trees to help the earth.

In addition to being eco-friendly, JadeYoga uses yoga's healing benefits to help those in need. For instance, the company collaborates with an African shelter for abused girls and with educational programs for the youth in the U.S.

With a wide range of yoga accessories made with the best quality and with a healthy mentality that encourages positive attitudes and social changes, JageYoga is a company that is fully taking into consideration the yoga mentality.

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