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 Keynote Speaker

Olivia Chow

New York, NY
Member Since
Jan 2012
Olivia asks strangers for perspectives and travels internet wormholes collecting data. She’s a trend marketer and reporter. How did she get into the business of predicting the future? Although Olivia has a Political Science degree, she chose fashion over running for office as her transport for change. Through apprenticeships she lands design gig after gig and notices her ability to spot trends sets her apart. This skill is driven by her fascination with everything and being able to connect the dots. Olivia satisfies this thirst by focusing on trend forecasting and giving herself the license to cover the influence of any industry, including her social and environmental passions.
What is unique that's not in your bio?
I once found a NYC studio apartment for $600/month, because I subleased it from a ballerina mime street performer who kept the pad for a stray cat she adopted. I had to feed the cat. Her name was Princess.
What's your favorite accomplishment?
Getting into an industry without going to school for it. Also, empowering others to do the same.
How do you define cool?
Anything that rethinks the connotations associated with it and flips that on its head.
What is your secret to uncovering trends?
Realizing that everyone has something interesting about their perspective. It keeps your mind open and on the pulse of the zeitgeist.
What do you enjoy most about Trend Hunter?
It's library is DEEP
What is your favorite trend?
People giving a sh*t
What are your tips for writing a juicy post?
Make it relevant and visually appealing.
How do you reset to be creative?
DANCING to techno
What inspires or excites you?
synthesizing ideas
Predict something awesome for 2020?
clothing made without seamstresses (and I'm not talking about togas)
Extended Body Part Accessories
Extended Body Part Accessories
The Kofta FW13 Leather Goods Taps into the Need for Human Touch
Never did an embrace from an inanimate object look so cool than with Kofta’s F/W 2013 collection titled ‘Hug.’ One way this is achieved is by taking prosthetics, delicately sheathing... MORE
Upcycled Fleece Tablet Cases
Upcycled Fleece Tablet Cases
This New ReFleece Felting Method Turns Jackets into Tablet Cases
ReFleece upcycles old Patagonia fleece jackets into molded felt tablet cases. Literally cut from the same cloth, these fuzzy protectors compliment the tech-savvy expediter returning to the grid. To... MORE
Bright Dragon USBs 
Bright Dragon USBs 
The NeochaEDGE x NIKE Collaboration Celebrates the Chinese New Year
The NeochaEDGE x NIKE China collaboration created a half-dragon, half-human athlete.  The design has the ability to store gigabytes of information, and is available in limited-edition models.... MORE
Revived Chinese Fashion
Revived Chinese Fashion
Crane is Inspired by Traditional Clothing
Clothing designer Nino is restoring China’s lost culture through his fashion brand Crane. Just how Mao destroyed over two millenniums of civilization in half a decade, he and other creatives are... MORE
Bare Nature Photography
Bare Nature Photography
Ren Hang Captures the Natural Animalistic Side of Humans
The naked bodies shot by EDGE Creative Collective photographer Ren Hang are sensual and innocent all at once. Hailing from Beijing, he is known for his sexually-charged images.  In this series, the... MORE
Crystalized Futuristic Photo Shoots
Crystalized Futuristic Photo Shoots
Baiba Ladiga Muses Fashion in the Ice Age
Global warming is over-hyped according to artist Baiba Ladiga who, in rebellion, designed a collection of Shanghai glacier fashions. Because humans have proven to be adaptive to varying weather... MORE
Milkmaid-Inspired Fashion
Milkmaid-Inspired Fashion
Chinese Brand MYMYMY Launches the 'Creamy Farm' Collection
Chinese cuisine is conspicuously free of cheese and cream sauces, which makes China’s fashion brand MYMYMY’s recent collection ‘Creamy Farm’ a seemingly bizarre choice. It is a herd... MORE
Complex Origami Couture
Complex Origami Couture
Morana Kranjec's Folded Paper Dresses Boast Bold Structures
The level of complexity found in Morana Kranjec’s folded fashions appear to defy logic. The seams where paper slides into paper are hidden giving no clue to their construction.  In organized... MORE
Cinematic LED Frocks
Cinematic LED Frocks
New Zealand Design Student Emily Steel Designs The Little Slide Dress
New Zealand design student Emily Steel comes up with the Little Slide Dress, which recycles old-school film, combines it with light-sensitive LED-lights, and applies the to the classic black dress.  MORE
Boyfriend Clothing Photography
Boyfriend Clothing Photography
On & Beyond Shoots 'I Wish They Made This for Girls'
Inspired by the female commentary On & Beyond photographer, Vincent Tsang, had heard his whole life, he entitles a recent photo series, ‘I Wish They Made This for Girls.’  Tsang... MORE
Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Ads
Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Ads
The Kate Spade Swimwear Launch is Interactive
To launch Kate Spade’s new swimwear collaboration with Malia Mills, they casted social butterfly Hailey Gates as the star of a mini choose-your-own-adventure campaign, ‘Swan Dive or... MORE
Global Kaleidoscopic Fashions
Global Kaleidoscopic Fashions
Jenny Kee Presents The Art of Scarf at Australia Fashion Week
Jenny Kee demonstrates ‘The Art of the Scarf’ in her first major presentation since 1981 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia Fall 2012. The world-renowned designer has her models... MORE
Delightful Daisy Sunglasses
Delightful Daisy Sunglasses
The Mercura NYC Shades are All Flowers
The matte-finish of these Mercura NYC daisy-framed sunglasses reminds me of the hardened sugar found on a 9-year old girl’s birthday cake. Nonetheless, the detail of the pattern with the variation... MORE
Extreme Paper Cut-Out Editorials
Extreme Paper Cut-Out Editorials
Fashion Gets the Ina Jang Treatment in Jalouse Magazine
Ina Jang snips away the eyes, faces and different body parts of models to display various fashion accessories for a 13-page spread in French fashion magazine Jalouse. In contrast to the saccharine... MORE
Newspaper Couture
Newspaper Couture
Mary Design Presents Interesting Headgear
When I think of newspaper hats, a three-cornered pre-school design comes to mind, but Mary Design at the Minas Trend Preview in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, replaced this association with sophisticated,... MORE
Hand-Pleated Platforms
Hand-Pleated Platforms
Minimarket Designs Creative Wedges Perfect for the Warm Weather
Swedish brand Minimarket creates its most advanced shoe ever, the ‘Pleat Pump.’ To make the shoe, a suede material is hand-pleated and draped over the shoe’s skeleton. The colors... MORE
European Festival Pre-Games
European Festival Pre-Games
Reconstrvct Brings the Next Wave of American Dubstep to New York City
New York warehouse party promoters Reconstrvct were chosen to host the only North American launch party for Europe’s largest bass music festival, Outlook Festival. Consisting of Luke M and Joe Nice,... MORE
Meatball-Only Restaurants
Meatball-Only Restaurants
The Meatball Shop Serves the Best in the City
The Lower East Side New York favorite ‘The Meatball Shop’ opened two more locations in the city within the past year. Since the first restaurant opened in 2010, it has garnered press... MORE
Cracked Calfskin Carryalls
Cracked Calfskin Carryalls
Marc Marmel Designs Chic Bags
Marc Marmel is a talented designer who started his brand in 2005. His latest collection features calfskin carryalls that are luxurious and fashionable. Since the bags are made from cracked,... MORE
Rich-Only Magazines
Rich-Only Magazines
Bloomberg Pursuits is Distributed to Annual Income Houses Over $450,000
There is no doubt luxury is back, and the media is taking note by either launching or relaunching exclusive magazine titles catered only to the super rich, as demonstrated by Bloomberg Pursuits.  ... MORE