Baiba Ladiga Muses Fashion in the Ice Age

 - Jul 6, 2012
References: ladiga & edge.neocha
Global warming is over-hyped according to artist Baiba Ladiga who, in rebellion, designed a collection of Shanghai glacier fashions. Because humans have proven to be adaptive to varying weather conditions in the past, she believes climate change will prove no different. This hot topic has certainly cooled for Ladiga, who, consequentially, ponders what would happen if weather conditions went in the opposite direction. What if the ice age returned? In particular, she muses its effect on fashion.

To her, the effects are crystallization, mirrors and apparently, pointy-ness. In this cold world Ladiga creates, people wear shards of armor over their nude sheath dresses. Outfits are complete with matching headpieces and sometimes mouth guards. The models are shot amid the reflective skyscrapers of Shanghai, which both mimic the garments and hits the photographer's message home: though more protective, the world will go on despite environmental fluctuations. 

At any rate, the pieces she has created are undoubtedly striking.