From Edible Jewelry to Sugary Confection-Scented Bracelets

 - Mar 13, 2014
Some people like to wear their heart on their sleeve but I say, let's wear our love of candy with candy-inspired accessories!

These quirky candy accessories take inspiration from the vibrant colors and complex textures we see in all our favorite sweet treats. With gelatin-like structures, swirly designs and licorice textures, this jewelry is good enough to eat. M&M necklaces, candy-scented bracelets, candy watches, and rock candy jewelry mix sophisticated glamour with our childhood confectionery favorites.

Not to mention edible and scented candy adornments let you indulge your inner fashionista while satisfying your sweet tooth. These candy-inspired accessories are great conversation starters and guaranteed to get you some compliments. So go ahead and make a sugary-sweet statement with these delectable treat-inspired adornments.