Create Your Own Mini Me at Tiny Pocket People

 - Apr 28, 2007
References: tinypocketpeople
It's definitely a personalized world out there, so how about a miniature version of... yourself? TinyPocketPeople lets consumers personalize a 8" (14 cm) doll based on customers uploaded picture.

Just like in Alice in Wonderland, now it's possible to shrink yourself or a loved one to pocket size.

A company based in Sweden, Tiny Pocket People, creates tiny soft body dolls based on customers uploaded pictures.

Everything from shoe color to clothes can be customized.

And at only 8 in. (14cm) long, these dolls are so small that they easily fit into your pocket.

The founder of Tiny Pocket People, David Miranda, created his very first doll for his 5 year old daughter so that she could have a "mini" mom and dad with her at daycare. He soon realized that these tiny personalized dolls could fill the need of having a loved one always with you. And with that thought Tiny Pocket People was born.

So next time instead of carrying a photograph of a loved one, you can have him or her peeking out of your pocket.