Pushya and Pullya By Paul Grader Bring Your Conscience to Life

 - Jun 2, 2009
References: en.24blognews & yankodesign
Meet Pushya and Pullya by Paul Grader. These twin robots were designed to act as the conscience you can see, without telling you they do it.

Pushya (black) is the misbehaving one who acts on direct impulse and usually causes a ruckus. Pullya (white) acts like an angel with your best interests in mind and happens to help out a lot.

However different they seem, they do both equally contribute to your life. If Pushya steals all the junk food, Pullya will make a healthy dinner, ensuring that you’re eating right.

They operate on their own free will, so trying to tame these two is a complete waste of time, however, they do seem like a blast (I wish they were real… lonely person cure).