From Robot Sidekick Kegs to Sci-Fi Aquariums

 - Jun 28, 2011
He may just be an advanced garbage can on wheels, but these R2-D2 innovations prove that the little robot sidekick has mass appeal and his iconic look has been the inspiration for countless odd objects.

For instance, a sculptor by the name Lockwasher has fashioned his own R2-D2 out of an old Heineken keg. Then there's R2-D2 iPhone cases, sneakers, swimsuits and even vacuums. People love R2-D2 so much that students at Minnesota Carleton College even decorated one of their observatories to look like the lovable Star Wars character.

Implications - Consumers can't get enough of themed items as it offers them the option to differentiate themselves from their peers while simultaneously supporting a franchise they love. Corporations looking to add variety to their product lines may consider purchasing licenses to legally incorporate themed design elements.