The 'Beer2D2' Heineken R2-D2 by Lockwasher Rocks

 - May 13, 2010
References: flickr & walyou
Sculptor Lockwasher has created this Heineken R2-D2 out of an old keg can and a lot of love. Upcycled 'Star Wars' art is good, but alcoholic upcycled 'Star Wars' art is better.

The Heineken R2-D2 has been creatively nicknamed Beer2D2 by Lockwasher and is just one of his many designs and creations. Out of Lockwasher's sculptures, the Heineken R2-D2 is the best. Beer kegs and cans have been turned into art before, but none of those works have come close to being as cool as this. Check out the links to see more of Lockwasher's works. May the force be with you.