Make Your Own Paper R2-D2 Mailbox For Free

 - Mar 31, 2007
References: starwars
Last month we introduced you to the USPS Jedi Master R2-D2 mailboxes before they were released to the public. Since then, the mailboxes have spread out across the US and become a big hit on the net.

But if you don't have one near your house, you are lucky. You can now make this cool papercraft 3-D model of the R2-D2 mailbox for your action figures. Just print out this handy PDF on sturdy paperstock and follow the directions to make your very own mini R2-D2 mailbox.

This link is a free download from Star Wars official webpage, offered for free to every fan of R2-D2 that is notin the US or is far from the R2-D2 mailboxes.

Just click on the source link below to download the PDF