Paperbeatsscissors' 'Droid Feelings' Serves Up Some Android Hilarity

In this 'Droid Feelings' collection of emotionally open androids by graphic designer Paperbeatsscissors, robots seem to have feelings too.

The first time I ever thought about robots having feelings was when I listened to Daft Punk’s ‘Something About Us,' in which a robotic voice confesses his love, but never have I been considerate of little R2D2’s feelings until now. The clever 'Droid Feelings' collection by Paperbeatsscissors features various Star Wars robots professing their woes, and though I shouldn’t laugh at other people’s problems, these things are pretty funny. C-3P0 feels an overwhelming sensation that no one takes him seriously while battle droids can’t help but feel as though they’re too much like everyone else.