From Stunningly Robotic Editorials to Robotic Casual Wear

 - Jul 19, 2013
Fashionistas looking to infuse Sci-Fi features into their wardrobes are in luck, because these fierce robot-inspired editorials are showcasing that robotic themes and intergalactic references serves to create a visually bold and powerful image.

While robots may lack such common human features as emotion and expression, their advanced technology and computerized-like movement serves to make them references that people always seem to replicate in movies and now in fashion. These robot-inspired editorials are utilizing such features as statuesque poses and sleek metallic outfits in order to fashionably replicate the futuristic appeal that robots seem to have.

From cosmic couture collections to futuristic swimwear editorials, these robot-inspired spreads will definitely have both Sci-Fi fans and fashion enthusiasts satisfied with its bend of modern clothing and futuristic references.