The Interview Russia June 2012 Ribeiro Photoshoot is Ultramodern

The Interview Russia June 2012 photoshoot exhibits the exotic beauty of Brazilian model Lais Ribeiro. Ribeiro is portrayed here as the prototypical picture of the future, clad in angular and almost robotic ensembles.

This ultramodern editorial for the stylish Russian publication was captured by photographer Robbie Fimmano. His use of both faded and black and white imagery added to the futuristic drama by displaying haunting shadows and an ethereal depiction of the sky.

Stylist Karen Kaiser must be accorded with the recognition she is deserving of here. Her selection of a silver-hued swimming cap made Ribeiro appear almost bionic, echoing the looks of androids and cyborgs. This otherworldly motif was further driven home by cut out pieces and chunky jewelry, all of which one may expect to find in a science fiction film.