HP Launches Three New Mini Netbooks

 - May 28, 2009
References: crunchgear & newlaunches
Triplets are a blessing (some would say). This statement remains true. HP and its three new Mini editions are a lovely addition to the netbook family.

The first one ($330) is the HP Mini 110 XP Edition which features Windows XP OS, 1gb of RAM, the option of a 32GB state solid drive or a 160GB hard drive, and a lovely HD screen.

The second edition ($280) is the HP Mini 110 Mi Edition which operates on Linux OS, 2GB of RAM and a 250GB hard drive.

The third is equipped with the same specs as the Mi Edition; however, it has an OS option of either XP, XP Pro or Vista.

The three separate Minis come in any of three different skins (silver, black, pink…shown above).

Quite the package of HPs coming to a electronic store near you. These guys shouldn’t have a problem finding a new home.