The Twinned MP3 Player

 - Oct 12, 2008
References: kith-kin & yankodesign
This Twinned MP3 player is ideal for anyone who has someone special with whom they share everything. Designed by Liberty Fearns, the Twinned MP3 player is made up of two identical MP3 players that can be joined together. And since they are 'twins,' they contain the same playlists.

Music can't be uploaded to the Twinned MP3 player unless the two players are joined together in their dock because the songs are placed in a shared online playlist. When they are split into two different components, the playlists are then locked, enabling two people to listen to the same music as if they are sharing the same device. 

Fearns says, "It was inspired by the process of cell division or mitosis, whereby a cell separates the chromosomes in its cell nucleus, into two identical sets in two daughter nuclei."