‘Fish and People' Photography Pairs Unusual Lookalikes

 - Jan 30, 2009   Updated: Jul 7 2011
References: fotograftasarim & tasarim.alternaturk.org
This photography set by Tasarim is called 'Fish and People,' and it depicts the hilarious similarities that occur between fish and humans. Just as other photographers have documented the uncanny resemblance dogs bear to their owners, so too are there unmistakable similarities between diner and dish.

I love fun, quirky photography sets like 'Fish and People.' The models possess the exact attitude required to pull these poses off with panache.

Implications - Consumers appreciate art that straddles the line between fantasy and reality. While it incorporates familiar settings and subjects, it stretches them slightly beyond the realm of possibility and enhances the viewer's imagination in a way that connects them to the vision of the artist. This connection to the work being viewed is a primary driving force toward consumption.