This Delicate Medium Makes Modern Art That is to Die For

 - Oct 10, 2011
Good watercolor works of art go beyond what the medium already establishes in a piece, which is a delicate, ethereal vibe, and adds other elements in. Though this is difficult to do, the right amount of skill and a great artistic eye can piece together some beautifully ethereal watercolor works that are not limited by the wispy, whimsical look of the water-dripped paint.

Here you'll find some examples of engaging watercolor art. From Spooky Smoke Portraiture to Painted Music Videos, these pieces are definitely more than soft and delicate, yet maintain a refined look. The works in this list come off as funny, sad, dangerous, sexy and even a little bit scary, as seen with Gory Graphic Art. You'll still find some classic, elegant watercolor works in this collection, but rest assured that there's a little bit of something for everyone here.