Back to Eden in WestEast Magazine Envisions a Post-Apocalyptic World

Back to Eden in WestEast Magazine is a somewhat morbid editorial that envisions two nomads wandering through a post-apocalyptic landscape. Photographer Paul de Luna captures models Lily Zhi and Aysche Tiefenbrunner in fashion from the likes of Roberto Cavalli, Rodarte and Alexander Wang.

Stylist Mindi Smith kept things loose and free-flowing for Back to Eden in WestEast Magazine. Long, loose skirts catch the wind at just the right angles, while netted veils and headpieces allude to the bleak future of fashion.

Makeup artist Martin Schmid used Smashbox Cosmetics to create smudged horizontal lines underneath Tiefenbrunner's eyes, while Zhi was given eyeliner that almost looks like watercolor paint and an exaggerated, V-shaped brow line. These cosmetic cues lend an even more unusual feel to the editorial.