- Aug 14, 2013
Nomads are well-accustomed to having to travel from one place to another based on such needs as food or shelter, and these nomadic fashion styles are showcasing that traveller clothing has a very unique and distinctive flair to it.

People that constantly travel from one place to another, including nomads and gypsies, often have to travel light with little to no baggage with them. The result is that they end up wearing multiple layers of clothing that will be able to suit them in a variety of different environmental circumstances. These layered looks, combined with a variety of eccentric jewelry pieces, creates a visually stunning overall appearance, one that is iconically associated with nomadic travellers.

From urban nomad looks to bohemian-inspired frocks, these chic nomadic fashion styles are showcasing that practical and functional clothing can also be stylish as well.

From Boho Nomad Photoshoots to Gypsy Rockstar Editorials: