The Free People June 2011 Campaign is a Little Slack and Slinky

Despite the fact that the outfits in the Free People June 2011 campaign could be considered hobo-chic, there's something extremely enchanting about the combination of such relaxed hippie fashions.

Perhaps it's the model's tousled blonde locks, her striking figure, or the shoot's tangible details that incorporate a scab on the girl's left calf. The earthy clothing she wears makes her look seem that much more attainable.

To break down what's actually going on amidst the mismatched garments from various eras and ethnicities, one can easily get caught up in the wide range of influences. The Free People June 2011 lookbook showcases everything from grey sweatpants and little black dresses to loosely woven knitwear and tribal fang and feather accessories. Seldom could such divergent duds complement each other, yet these photos speak an unwound and natural confidence.