Raphael Vicenzi Innovates Illustration with Mixed Media and Words

 - Mar 15, 2011
References: mydeadpony & trendland.net
Picture your wildest fantasy in an illustration, and you’ve grasped Raphaël Vicenzi’s maniacal, yet amazing mixed-media style of illustration.

With phrases and style that will blow your mind, Raphaël Vicenzi aka mydeadpony injects each of his pieces with interesting phrases that will get your wheels turning. From clever cigarette-design word play to rainbow-teared inspiration to a cute baby skeleton as a fashion accessory, Raphaël Vicenzi’s work mixes these eccentric concepts with digital media, painting, sketches and drawing with watercolors, splotches and textures. Inspired by fashion, street art and graffiti, the self-taught Belgian illustrator’s epic series of mixed media illustrations is perfectly ethereal—a unique technique that innovates illustration and I’m utterly in love with it!