Julie Nord Paintings Capture Adolescent America

 - Jan 14, 2009
References: artnet
American’s ever lasting fascination with adolescence prevails as artist Julie Nord crafts pieces of work that re-imagine Alice in Wonderland tales. Her watercolor drawings reference the classic tale of a girl that falls into a rabbit hole and finds herself in the company of newfound strangers. Nord's drawings capture nostalgia, nymph forms and a strong connection to nature.

Developmentally, American is an adolescent. As a body, the country is uncertain, untamed and immature. Stories such as the Clinton Lewinsky affair and Mike Tyson ear biting scandal are treasured and retold by the masses. The list could go on. Many Americans, women especially, strive to look younger, some undergoing copious amounts of treatment. Whether deliberate or unconscious, it is striking how artists such as Nord capture the collective youthful identity of America.