From Gem-Infused Body Jewelry to Romantic Envelope Lockets

 - Dec 18, 2012
Composing a perfectly styled outfit for the 'big day' can be a daunting task to measure up to, but this list of extravagant bridal bling will help you choose what type of look you are going for on your wedding day. Everything from gem-infused body jewelry to Chanel's temporary tattoos will give you a jaw-dropping look on the big day.

From the plethora of hand scripted lockets to blinged out bracelets, the list is endless when it comes to pushing the envelope in bridal jewelry. If you are into the minimalist look then you should opt for the stoneless rings and necklaces or the elegant look of Dior's thin gold bracelet temporary tattoos. Let choosing your next blushing bridal look be easy.