Get Branded With the Logo of Ultra Luxury Brand Chanel

 - Mar 6, 2010
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Tattoos are permanent and sometimes you see people sporting ink that makes you scratch you head and think, "Really?!" Thankfully, these Chanel tattoos are temporary; so, you can rock the interlocking Cs logo without having to worry about having a corporate logo permanently etched into your body.

Perfect for the Chanel- or Karl Lagerfeld-obsessed, the temporary Chanel tattoos come in five-sheet packages and retail for $75.

Implications - **What about businesses who don't do body mods? What does this trend say about them or what they should be paying attention to?

When it comes to body modifying, not everyone wants the permanent product. By offering temporary solutions, companies allows users to test out the waters to see if they like it or not. This is a unique way to capture a tentative audience.