The Rich Pellegrino Illustrations are a Twisted Time Warp

 - Sep 13, 2011
References: richpellegrino & spokeart.tumblr
If your copy of 'Pretty in Pink,' 'The Royal Tenenbaums,' or 'Back to the Future,' is your most prized possession, the odds are you'll fall head over heels for these Rich Pellegrino illustrations. The Rhode Island-based artist and illustrator uses gouache, a heavy water-based paint, to create these artistic tributes to timeless cult films.

Pellegrino's take on the classic characters played by Molly Ringwald, Ben Stiller and Uma Thurman, using vibrant colors and surreal shapes, looks like a contemporary cross between Van Gogh and Picasso. With prints and originals available to purchase online at affordable prices, you don't have to be an art collector to appreciate, and even own, these pop culture masterpieces.

The Rich Pellegrino illustrations are an eccentric and creative alternative to the standard movie poster used to decorate a bedroom or den. I'd be proud to have any of these cult film creations hanging in my home!