Dutch Tattooist Angelique Houtkamp Crafts Modern Beauties

 - Oct 7, 2009
References: salonserpent
Looking like a blonde bombshell herself, Angelique Houtkamp has become famous for her iconic, 1930’s style art.  She tattoos clients out of her Amsterdam studio, but also paints beautiful watercolors of snappy ladies baring pin-curls and cherry lips that she shows around the world. 

After the great success of her first book titled "Tattoo Darling," her new book "Tattoo Mystique" comes out this week.  It is sure to be full of more drawings that she describes as humorous, nautical and a type of haunting Hollywood romance. 

If you want to be tattooed by Ms. Houtkamp, you need a one-way ticket to Amsterdam, as her studio is currently the only place she works!