From Off Duty Model Editorials to Saturated Animalistic Fashion

 - Aug 5, 2012
Karlie Kloss features cover an array of fashion and lifestyle designs. The girl has some fierce style and an unbelievable malleable look. Like a chameleon, Kloss has been able to transform between sultry vixen to dominant powerhouse and then easily portray a young innocent girl. The model has captured the attention of the fashion industry and has worked alongside some of the most respected fashion houses and names in history.

At 20 years old, Kloss is ranked number three on the top 50 list of models. An extraordinary accomplishment for a young woman of any age, Kloss has been a model for Victoria's Secret and then been a haute couture model at Dior. This versatility has allowed her to rise quickly through the ranks and become one of the prominent faces of the fashion industry.