The Vogue March 2012 Karlie Kloss Photoshoot is Oddly Ecclectic

The Vogue Korea March 2012 Karlie Kloss photoshoot showcases an eclectic take on summertime fashion. Kloss is well-known for her ability to pull off almost any outfit, and these imaginative outfits speak to her industry-level talent. While the captures take place among solid white and dark blue backdrops, the styles sported by Kloss do more than make up for the monochromatic set.

The Vogue Korea publication has been known to push the envelope. Teams of stylists and writers have all maintained an acute ability to think outside the box, delivering imaginative issues time and time again. This particular spread fits into the brand’s penchant for creativity, this time showcasing eclectic takes on seasonal apparel. Kloss is found showcasing a dark see-through lace dress and a gem-laden one piece, all the while wearing exaggerated floral headgear and bulbous jewelry. And though one may think that these pieces may not go well together, photographer Rafael Stahelin has displayed just the opposite.