- Oct 17, 2009   Updated: May 31 2011
One of the most iconic heiresses of our day, Paris Hilton, is somewhat of a genius when it comes to cashing in on her celebrity status, garnering notoriety and launching endless amounts of products.

Paris Hilton is a hard-partying, shameless celebutante that the public just cannot get enough of. Whether she is running for president or embarrassing herself, Paris Hilton is a guilty pleasure.

Implications - The slowly increasing significance of 'socialites,' 'celebutantes,' and other people renown for having no discernible talent other than being themselves is a modern phenomenon. This connects with members of the general public who like to envision themselves as worthy of being famous. Products that feature or utilize the image of average people who struck it big will continue to resonate with people who consider themselves one big break away from becoming a household name.

Paris Hilton's Best Moves, From Running for POTUS to Big Bird Fashio: