Prison For Ditzy Drivers

 - Jul 31, 2007
References: celebritypuke
"They can't do this to me, I'm rich," says a mock Paris Hilton on a YouTube spoof video for her Stars are Blind song. Ms. Hilton doesn't get cut a lot of slack, and her recent jail stint didn't help her much.

"Even though they say I'm shady, I'm really so refined, I need a cleaning lady, I can't do time," can you hear it?

"I... went ape... on a sex tape; the guys all went gaga. Now I... must make... my chill escape, I miss my chihuaha. My friend Nicole drove down the driveway the wrong way, she'll probably get parole and float away because she weighs zero."

Sorry if I didn't get the lyrics quite right, but you get the point. Check out the video!