From the Recent IMDb Kardashian Incident to Paris Hilton Spoof Videos

 - May 17, 2012
Kardashian parodies have become so common it’s hard to remember a time when those outside the reality show sphere were targeted. The most recent mockery scandal on iMDB has celebrity enthusiasts scrambling for similarly amusing antics. The incident, wherein Kim Kardashian's hacked iMDB account featured a new brutally honest description of her influence, went viral. Soon after its release, however, the account was taken down by the celebrity's lawyers. Luckily, what goes on the Internet stays there forever, and plenty of celeb-mocking creations are still available for plenty of guilty pleasure.

Often surprisingly creative and elaborate, celebrity spoofs can range from hilarious to just plain brutal. Whether made in jest or genuine spite, there’s no denying their entertainment value. After all, it was Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin impression that famously reinvigorated SNL’s formerly wavering popularity.

Widely understood and almost unanimously viral, caricatures of the rich and famous even the playing ground between audiences and the stars. Though some prefer Kardashian parodies to Justin Bieber-mocking music videos, there’s a spoof out there for almost any entertainment lover.