Argentina Mocks David Beckham

The sport marketing phenomenon David Beckham has increased his bank account so much, it's reached multi-millionaire status. His media exposure is so big that he has starred in ads for major global brands like Vodafone, Gillette, Adidas, Motorola and Pepsi. However, it seems at present, the Beckham brand may be losing its status.

In July 2007, David was signed by Los Angeles Galaxy, a team that belongs to the MLS (Major League Soccer) in the USA. He left the European market after leaving the Real Madrid.

After the end of the Rugby World Cup in France, car brand Land Rover decided not to have the soccer star represent their brand anymore. The company was enamoured with Beckham's ability to iconify the brand's British nature; however, as his star status rose, he began to adopt a Hollywood persona, losing the trades that had made him the perfect brand representative.

In Argentina, last year, the “alfajores” brand, Fulbito, parodied the new Hollywood star in a peculiar ad and an incredible website.