From Armani Ads to Soccer Players as Strippers

 - Dec 6, 2011
It's hard to forget David Beckham's stint as an underwear model for Giorgio Armani (and who would want to?), but this gallery of David Beckham innovations demonstrates that the soccer player is much more than a pretty face.

From his A-list marriage to former Spice Girl-turned-superstar fashion designer Victoria Beckham, to his incredible soccer career and his four adorable children, Mr. Beckham might just be England's hottest export.

His empire only seems to be growing, with successful colognes under his belt to an Adidas endorsement contract full of playful ads and commercials, this is one star who doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Check out this gallery of amazing David Beckham innovations for a look at the most famous soccer player in the world.