David Beckham Pulls a Britney?

 - Jun 21, 2008
References: justjared.buzznet
Remember when Britney used to take lighters from convenience stores without paying for them? Obviously, she has inspired the director of this new Sharpie marker commercial to show David Beckham stealing a Sharpie.

Hot on the heels of his new Emporio Armani underwear ads, David Beckham is featured in a new Sharpie marker commercial. Yes, the famous multi-million dollar soccer player is now promoting Sharpie markers...

In the video, Beckham signs autographs and tries to keep the coveted marker, but to no avail. He even fights a little girl to get hold of the elusive Sharpie. Finally, Beckham sneakily hides the marker (in his underwear?) after signing a magazine for a female fan.

Probably the idea came from him signing hundreds of underwear pairs? Quite close... Beckham shares, “I have always enjoyed signing autographs for people, especially since I used to love getting my heroes' signatures when I was younger.”

Beckham then professes his love for the markers, “I love to use Sharpie markers, so it's a natural choice for me to partner with them.”

I think Beckham should take it easy with all these endorsements. Over-saturating the media with campaigns may take away from his own brand value.

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