From Co-Ed Matching Haircuts to Spouse Underwear Campaigns

These Beckham family finds demonstrate just how far-reaching the English celebrity supercouple David and Victoria Beckham’s empire is. Lovingly dubbed by the media as Posh and Becks, the former Spice Girl and international soccer star have learned how to harness their star power to become savvy entrepreneurs. From their collaborative campaigns to becoming designer celebs, all the while having four children, there is nothing this power couple cannot do.

Separately, they have worked on their own projects, with David teaming up with H&M for soccer star style collabs and Victoria becoming a celebrity author. But, the projects that drive the most attention is when they unite as a couple. These opportunities have resulted in spouse underwear campaigns to sporting co-ed matching haircuts. It is no wonder they land $19 million underwear contracts.

So far the stylish couple have managed not only to survive the Hollywood spotlight, but thrive in it as a loving and supportive duo outlasting many other celebrity relationships.