The Men of Marc Jacobs

 - Apr 30, 2008
It wasn't just women rushing to grab the "Protect The Skin You're In" shirts. Marc Jacob's skin cancer awareness campaign extended to men as well with a collection of "Protect Your Largest Organ" T-shirts.

Men who participated in stripping down for skin cancer awareness include Brandon Boyd, Rufus Wainwright, Jason Thompson, numerous other male models and Marc Jacobs himself.

It's a bummer that David Beckham did not do one of these T-shirts to go with Victoria's. I guess he had to stay loyal as the butt of Armani...

The t-shirts were initially available for $20, but they are harder to find now. They include the models' name on the right arm and sell for $35 at Marc Jacobs boutiques.

Check out the women's shirts below: